Educating Maya Girls

Task-Tarea is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships to Maya girls in Guatemala, enabling them to access education.

Since our foundation in 1995, we have assisted over 1,000 girls in continuing their studies.

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When a girl receives a scholarship, Task-Tarea enters into an agreement with her parents or guardians in which they agree to provide a small subsidy to the family, in compensation for the costs of books, transportation, clothing, and household chores. In return, we receive a signed agreement from the parents to support their daughter’s school attendance and to provide her with the opportunity to focus on her studies. This way, the girl can earn money for her family while studying.


Task-Tarea directs all its efforts towards indigenous Guatemalan girls. We choose this group because this region has the lowest literacy rates in the world, and our members and collaborators enhance our work through local relationships and connections.

To promote our scholarship program, we work closely with our partner schools, identifying the neediest families with young girls in different communities. These girls face economic and cultural obstacles that put them at risk of dropping out of education. Our work is to change this reality and provide them with the opportunities they deserve.


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Sololá Department in Guatemala is located in the southwestern region of the country and comprises 19 municipalities. It is renowned for being one of the main departments with high tourist demand.

Some of its natural beauties include Lake Atitlán, surrounded by four volcanoes like Tolimán, Atitlán, San Pedro, and Santo Tomás.

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