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Since 1995, Task-Tarea has partnered with schools in Guatemala to help lift villages out of poverty through long-term investments in education.  The school partnerships have included:

  • Scholarships for over 1000 Maya girls in 1995
  • Technology training for 1100 teachers in the past year
  • Internet for 3 villages since 2015
  • And a team of mural artists repainting 2 schools this summer

Last year, Task-Tarea learned that Tzucubal, a village with a population of over 2500 persons is experiencing a water crisis.   During the 6-month dry season, daily water supplies are exhausted by mid-morning.  Just as alarming as the dwindling water supplies, testing by the University del Valle confirmed an alarming level of both coliforms and particulates in the water.

We Need Your Help!

The water problem undermines our goals at the school and village by reducing the health, cleanliness, and attendance of the students and their families.

Our Walk for Water event will help raise the funds needed to repair a village aqueduct that has fallen into disrepair and to dig a well at or near the Tzucubal school.

Tickets to participate in the walk are just $25.

Please come join us in Reston, VA on the morning of Oct 6 and help us bring precious water to the Tzucubal school and its surrounding village.


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