We tirelessly strive to empower the girls benefited by our work, providing them with the necessary tools to break the cycle of poverty. We believe in the transformative impact these girls can have as they become leaders and mentors in their communities, contributing to the socio-economic well-being of future generations.


Task-Tarea is a charitable organization based in the United States with a profound mission: to end the cycle of poverty entrenched in the Mayan villages of Guatemala through education and empowerment. We work tirelessly to provide educational opportunities and tools that enable these communities to thrive and build a brighter future.

Our Story

The history of Task-Tarea is intertwined with hope and determination in the Mayan villages of Sololá, Guatemala. In 1995, inspired by the World Bank’s pilot program “Eduquemos a la Niña,” our vision to transform lives through education was born.

Since then, we have been committed to breaking the cycle of poverty through educational opportunities. With the support of donors, partners, and volunteers, we have contributed to creating a fabric of empowerment in the community.

This is the beginning of our story, a narrative that unfolds over the years. Join us on a journey through time, where each milestone represents a significant step in our commitment to shaping a brighter future for Mayan girls and their communities.

Discover how our story has become a testament to hope and change.


Pilot Program

  • In 1991, the World Bank Commission initiated the “Eduquemos a la niña” pilot program with a bold vision to empower Guatemalan girls through education. This program laid the foundation for Task-Tarea’s future

Transformative Inspiration

  • The “Eduquemos a la niña” program showcases its transformative potential, inspiring a partnership within the World Bank to expand efforts in girls education

Birth of Task-Tarea

  • Task-Tarea was born as a legacy of the “Eduquemos a la niña” pilot program, committed from its inception to changing lives through education

Solidarity Financing

  • Task-Tarea began its journey in 1995, funding its scholarship program through grants and generous donations, in a solidarity-focused approach that has been key to its ongoing success.

Transforming Futures

  • In 1996, Task-Tarea took its first step toward transformation by offering scholarships in the Pamezabal canton, marking the beginning of its unwavering commitment to girls’ education in underserved communities

Expanding Horizons

  • In 1997, Task-Tarea expanded its efforts by offering a second scholarship program in the Tzucubal canton, further expanding its reach and impact

Historic Milestone

  • In 2000, Task-Tarea made history by awarding 52 annual scholarships, significantly contributing to empowerment through education

Establishing Legacy

  • In 2002, Task-Tarea gained legal recognition in Guatemala, establishing a strong legacy in promoting education and social change

Expanding Horizons

  • Two years later, in 2004, Task-Tarea expanded its scholarship program to include middle and high schools in the Pamezabal canton, providing educational opportunities to more children

Empowering Communities

  • By 2005, Task-Tarea had empowered communities with a total of 152 annual scholarships, contributing to the well-being of numerous families

Fundraising Revolution

  • In 2012, Task-Tarea took a revolutionary step by changing its fundraising model, focusing on individual donations that further boosted its ability to support children

Educational Connectivity

  • In 2014, Task-Tarea expanded its impact by providing internet access in all its partner schools, opening a world of knowledge to the children it supports

Global Connection

  • Task-Tarea’s 2016 initiative establishes a global classroom connecting children from Tzucubal, Guatemala, and Braddock, Virginia, opening doors to intercultural collaboration and learning

More Opportunities

  • In 2018, Task-Tarea further expanded its horizons by offering scholarships for middle and high school in Tzucubal and Los Ángeles, providing more children with the opportunity for an educated and bright future

Empowering Los Ángeles

  • Task-Tarea extends its commitment by offering scholarships in the Los Ángeles canton, providing educational opportunities for children in this community

Join Our Cause!

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