01. Unleash the “Girl Effect”

In most cases, we give special priority to supporting the education and empowerment of girls. Women have been shown to invest over 90% of their future resources and earnings in their families – far more than the 35 – 40% observed in men. When looking to lift a population out of poverty, we agree with many other organizations that women and education play the central role. When you invest in a single girl, you not only impact her future, but potentially dozens of siblings, children, and grandchildren.

02. Bring Modern Technology to Rural Classrooms

Communications have advanced to the point that groups of people can learn and collaborate as if side by side while worlds apart. Many of the schools of Guatemala struggle to provide the most basic needs of food, water, school supplies, and sanitation to their students, so it is no surprise that technology is widely underfunded; but Task-Tarea believes that technology is a game changer in the classroom and we champion Internet, computers, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills as a priority.

03. Promote Schools as a Community Hub

We are all familiar with the primary role of a school in educating children. But often overlooked is the central role that a school can play in other aspects of village or community life. Schools are not only places of learning; they are also used for meetings, resource distribution, collection centers, and special community events. Task-Tarea looks for opportunities to leverage the schools as a hub to engage the surrounding families and communities to resolve issues and improve their own lives. A cleaner, safer, well-fed community provides a better learning environment for students, teachers, and parents.