01. Unleash the “Girl Effect”

In most cases, we give special priority to supporting the education and empowerment of girls. Women have been shown to invest over 90% of their future resources and earnings in their families – far more than the 35 – 40% observed in men. When looking to lift a population out of poverty, we agree with many other organizations that women and education play the central role. When you invest in a single girl, you not only impact her future, but potentially dozens of siblings, children, and grandchildren.

02. Bring Modern Technology to Rural Classrooms

Communications have advanced to the point that groups of people can learn and collaborate as if side by side while worlds apart. Many of the schools of Guatemala struggle to provide the most basic needs of food, water, school supplies, and sanitation to their students, so it is no surprise that technology is widely underfunded; but Task-Tarea believes that technology is a game changer in the classroom and we champion Internet, computers, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) skills as a priority.

03. Investing in School Infrastructure

Another way to improve education in our partner villages is through targeted investments in the schools themselves. While the government provides funding for teachers and classrooms, many aspects of the school are underfunded, including paint, plumbing, kitchens, desks, etc. Small additional investments in these items can make a huge impact on attendance, health, and performance of students.

04. Improving Education Quality

Our charity has been working with the schools in Guatemala for over 25 years. We are always looking for ways to improve the education experience of the students. This involves better teaching methods, training of trainers, guest speakers, after school programs, and curriculum enhancements. Any such offerings are voluntary and nothing is forced upon the schools and villages.