Scholarship Program

Since 1995, Task-Tarea has provided education scholarships to over 1,000 Maya girls in the Solola province of Guatemala. The scholarships provide both incentive and assistance to families that are otherwise high risk to keep their daughters out of public schools due to economic and cultural factors. Educating girls has been found to have a powerful multiplier effect on their siblings, children, and grandchildren. This “girl-effect” is identified by the United Nations and other international organizations as one of the most powerful force that elevates villages out of poverty.

This year, Task-Tarea is providing scholarships to 164 Maya girls in 3 Sololá villages: Pamezabal, Tzucubal, and Los Angeles. The scholarships are given to daughters of the poorest families in the village and are limited to one per family. The scholarship stays with the girl year after year starting in pre-school and continuing through the completion of high school – so long as she passes each grade.

The scholarship program forms a foundation for Task-Tarea to build relationships of mutual trust and respect with the village, which make it easier to introduce other programs and initiatives that help the school and surrounding community.

Global Classroom Program

Task-Tarea started a global classroom program in 2016. This program partners a U.S. public school with a Guatemala public school, enabling children and classrooms to collaborate with each other through supervised video conferences, shared science experiments, live classroom cams, or even gift exchanges. The global classroom allows children to share dreams, culture, stories, or school lessons with peers in another country.

For the past 2 years, we supported an initial partnership between third graders at Braddock Elementary School in Virginia and Tzucubal Elementary School in Solola. The partnership allowed us to evolve our approaches to technology, curriculum, and interaction – lessons that we will apply to other schools and partnerships in the near future.

Other Pilots and Initiatives

Task-Tarea is also piloting numerous other ideas to provide a wide variety of assistance to students, parents, and their surrounding communities.

Pilots that show the potential to be sustainable over time and repeatable at multiple schools may grow into additional programs in the future. Current pilots include:

  • Student / teacher exchange program
  • Creation and ongoing support of a Maya robotics team
  • Drilling a water well
  • Nutritional food supplements
  • School gardens and related training on agriculture and crop options
  • Teacher / adult education training for technology, special education, and leadership
  • Business cooperatives for the community