Discover how the Task-Tarea Foundation transforms lives and communities. From educational scholarships that break the cycle of poverty to art and values projects that enrich local schools, our programs encompass a wide variety of initiatives. We also provide grants for special schools, promote technology in classrooms, and offer workshops that strengthen skills and promote inclusion.

Our collaboration with local and international partners strengthens our impact. Focused on education and beyond, we are weaving a brighter future for the Mayan villages of Guatemala. Join us on this journey of transformation.


Subsidio Educación Especial - La Cumbre

Desarrollo Personal y Educativo - Talleres

Murales: Tejiendo Sonrisas, Sembrando Valores

Programa de Tecnología en las Aulas

Iniciativas Transformadoras para el Futuro


Since 1996, Task-Tarea has been offering educational scholarships to over 1,000 Maya girls in the Sololá province of Guatemala. These scholarships provide incentives and assistance to families who would otherwise have a high risk of keeping their daughters out of public schools due to economic and cultural factors. It has been demonstrated in many countries and numerous occasions that educating girls has a strong multiplier effect on their siblings, children, and grandchildren. The United Nations and other international organizations identify this “girl effect” as one of the most powerful forces contributing to lifting villages out of poverty.

This year, Task-Tarea is granting scholarships to Maya girls in 12 villages in Sololá, Guatemala. These scholarships are awarded to the daughters of the poorest families in the village and are limited to one per family. Girls can retain these scholarships year after year, starting from preschool, as long as they pass each grade, until they complete high school.

The scholarship program has laid the foundation for Task-Tarea to build relationships of respect and mutual trust with the village, making it easier to explore other programs and initiatives that support school and community life.

Weaving Smiles, Planting Values (Murals)

This exciting Task-Tarea initiative is transforming school environments and communities through art and values. In its various phases, the murals have left traces of creativity and positivity in meaningful places:

  • Phase I: At Tzucubal School, Nahualá, Sololá, we began weaving smiles and planting values with an inspiring mural.
  • Phase II: Los Ángeles School, Cacerío Pahal, Santa Lucía Utlatán, has been the canvas for our next phase, bringing art and values to more hearts.
  • Phase III: Chirijcajá School, Nahualá, Sololá, has become a more colorful and meaningful space thanks to our murals.
  • Phase IV: By August 2023, we have big plans for Tzanguacal School, Paguacal, and Special Education La Cumbre. We are collecting donations of paint cans or special spray paint to bring the magic of murals to these little schools.
  • Phase V: In September 2023, we will cross borders and reach Northern Virginia, USA, taking our mural and values project to a wider community.

La Cumbre Special Education School Grant

La Cumbre Special Education School, located in the heart of Cerro de Oro, plays a vital role in serving the entire group of 6 villages and their students with special needs. With unwavering commitment, the school’s three teachers work tirelessly to enrich the lives of these students.

Instead of offering traditional scholarships, Task-Tarea has implemented a unique solution: a regular grant that covers various needs. This grant provides access to the Internet, essential school supplies, and transportation for students. What makes this approach exceptional is that it benefits all students in the school, making a significant difference in each child’s life.

This initiative highlights Task-Tarea’s commitment to supporting students with special needs and providing them with the tools they need to succeed in their education.

Technology in the Classroom Program

The integration of technology in the school environment is crucial for the educational progress of both teachers and students. It offers a window into vast global knowledge that transcends village boundaries, provides educators with a versatile teaching tool, and gives students familiarity with hardware and software that will strengthen their skills throughout their lives.

In fulfilling its mission, Task-Tarea has facilitated internet connectivity in its partner schools, once the foundation of its scholarship program was established. Additionally, we have collaborated by donating computers and classroom accessories, and we have provided repair and maintenance services for outdated equipment, ensuring that technology remains a constant learning tool.

Currently, we are committed to finding new ways to encourage schools to invest in the crucial role of a technology teacher. This teacher would be dedicated solely to teaching and maintaining the technological resources in educational centers, ensuring that technology continues to be an effective and accessible learning tool for all.

Personal and Educational Development – Featured Workshops

At Task-Tarea, we offer a diverse range of workshops designed to enrich the educational and personal experience of our community. These workshops include:

  • Technology in the Classroom: A workshop that teaches, demonstrates, and illustrates different technologies that can be used in the classroom. This workshop was designed by Systems Engineer and Task Tarea President, Jonathan Tivel.
  • Time Management: A workshop aimed at highlighting the importance of planning, managing, and time management in daily life, both in the workplace and personally. This workshop was designed by Task-Tarea Program Director, Soraya Galeas.
  • Walk in My Shoes: A program designed to promote inclusion in a variety of activities, addressing topics such as ADHD, autism, visual impairment, dyslexia, food allergies, and more. This program seeks to understand and embrace the diverse needs and challenges of our community.

We work closely with our valuable partners, including the EDUCON Continuous Education Program at the University of the Valley of Guatemala, Sololá, and Realtá Alianza Estratégica in Antigua.

These workshops reflect our commitment to providing comprehensive and enriching education, as well as promoting inclusion and understanding in our community.

Transformative Initiatives for the Future

Task-Tarea is constantly searching for new initiatives aimed at providing a wide range of support to students, parents, and local communities. These pilot programs not only represent sustainable long-term possibilities but also replicable models in multiple schools, with the potential to become permanent programs in the future. Some of the current pilot initiatives include:

  • School Bathroom Renovation: Improving school facilities to ensure a more hygienic and comfortable environment for students.
  • School Garden Production: Promoting agriculture and crop-related education through school gardens, providing valuable skills and knowledge.
  • Adult Education Teacher Training: Preparing educators to address critical areas such as technology, special education, and leadership in adult education.

These pilot programs are a testament to our ongoing commitment to improving education and the well-being of the communities we serve. Explore these developing initiatives that have the potential to create a lasting impact.