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Task-Tarea is currently focused on the indigenous Maya girls of Guatemala. This group was chosen because it has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and because our members have strong contacts and relationships in that region.

To enact the Maya scholarship program, our partner schools identify the poorest families in their village with young girls. These are the girls at-risk of falling out of the schooling and education process due to economic family hardship and a culture that prioritizes the education of boys.

When a girl is awarded a scholarship, Task-Tarea will sign an agreement with the parent or guardian of the child, whereby we agree to pay a small stipend to the family to offset the costs of books, transportation, clothing, and lost housework of their girl. In return, we receive a signed commitment from them to support her school attendance and her focus on studies.   In this way, the girl can then earn money for her family by studying.

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