Our Vision

We envision that the girls supported by Task-Tarea will break the cycle of poverty, focused first on their families, second on the social and economic well-being of their communities, and ultimately as leaders and mentors to empower future generations.

Our Mission

Task-Tarea is a U.S. – based charity whose mission is to break the cycle of poverty in the Maya villages of Guatemala through education empowerment.


Jonathan Tivel
Sergio Rimola
Alfonso Fernandez
Claudia Girón
Soraya Galeas
Roxana Fernandez
Luz Amparo Pinzon
Margarita Rey

Vice President
Guatemala Field Director
Program Director
Special Event Coordinator
Communications Advisor
Legal Advisor



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  • 1991 – Eduquemos a la Niña commission created within the World Bank
  • 1994 – Eduquemos a la Niña prompted to a World Bank association
  • 1995 – Task-Tarea founded as the Guatemala pilot of Eduquemos a la Niña
  • 1995 – Initial grants and donors located to initiate scholarships
  • 1996 – First elementary school scholarship program started in the village of Pamezabal
  • 1997 – Second elementary school scholarship program started in the village of Tzucubal

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  • 2000 – At the five-year mark, Task-Tarea offers 52 scholarships per year
  • 2002 – Task-Tarea is incorporated legally in Guatemala
  • 2004 – Scholarships in Pamezabal now continue past the end of primary school into secondary school and tertiary school
  • 2005 – At the ten-year mark, Task-Tarea offers 152 scholarships per year

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  • 2012 – Fundraising model switched from large grants to an individual donor model
  • 2014 – Task-Tarea begins providing Internet to its schools
  • 2016 – Global classroom partnership starts between Tzucubal in Solola, Guatemala and Braddock Elementary in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States
  • 2018 – Third elementary school scholarship program started in the school of Los Angeles
  • 2018 – Task-Tarea begins offering technology training to teachers in Solola
  • 2019 – Task-Tarea begins school beautification projects with painting and murals

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  • 2020 – Begin Offering Special Education Training to teachers in Solola
  • 2020-2021 – Schools go mostly virtual die to COVID pandemic

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  • 2021 – Graduated the Pamezabal primary school from the program

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  • 2022 – Started scholarship program in 6 schools of Cerro de Oro